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The Nico Robin: Rokushiki Style Project

A Nico Robin/Rokushiki fan Community

**** The Nico Robin: Rokushki style Project! ****
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A martial arts movelist/fanart project about how it might of been like if Nico Robin knew Rokushiki

Welcome To The Nico Robin: Rokushiki Style Fan Project

This is an all new One Piece Community where pepole can discuss about and post fanart of our beloved Nico Robin performing different variations of Rokushiki, an interesting fighting style from the same series. We are currently an all open community so even those of you who are not members are welcomed here as well.

About the project

This is a One piece fan project that I've been working on since '07 that is about what it would be like if Nico Robin/ニコ・ロビン (or any user of the Hana Hana no mi/Flower Flower fruit in general) were an absolute master of Rokushiki (六式, literally meaning “Six Powers” or “Six Styles”), the same fighting style used by members of the World government, especially CP9. The main purpose for this project is to simply discover what kind of and how many techniques can be created from the combined power of the hana hana no mi and Rokushiki (and, since 2010, Haki/覇気). So basically, this is a 'what if' project made just for pure fun. Now the reason why I've chosen her for this project is because after seeing her devil fruit abilities in action as well as doing some studies on her, I became very interested in her as to her powers having so much amazing potential that it can open up great possibilities if she were a martial artist.

Here's the project itself:

For more information on Nico Robin, go here or here.
For more information on her devil fruit abilites, go here.
For more Information on Rokushiki, go here.
For info on Haki, go here

Now that we got that out of the way, Lets get down to the rules!


1. No flaming! We are here to be a peaceful community.

2. Make sure you use <lj cut> when posting large fanart, fanfics, etc.

3. When you're posting an idea for a new technique, make sure you post it in the following format:


Now for a more detailed explanation of the format:

Name: Technique "Variation" (Translation)

For example:

Name: Soru "Kaika Sokushin" (Blooming Acceleration)

Or if its another variation of or a follow up from a variation that is already on the list:

Name: Variation "Secondary Variation or Follow up" (Translation)

For example (with Secondary Variation):

Name: Kaika Sokushin "Kaika Gen" (Blooming Illusion)

Or (with Follow up):

Name: Kaika Gen "Da" (Strike)

Sorry if the examples look a little confusing, I'll try to come up with better examples next time.

Status: If it involves the use of Robin's DF abilities, then put down either (OB) for sprouting copies of her limbs out from her body, (OS) for sprouting copies of her limbs out of the surface, and/or (OAB) for sprouting copies of her limbs out of another body. If its a technique that can be done in normal form then put down (N) and/or if its a technique that can be done in Mankai form then put down (M) and the same thing goes for "Wings" form (W) and Haki form (H).

Explanation: Explan how the technique works and be sure to be as pacific as you can. Remember it does not have to be very long, just make sense.

If the technique you came up with is good enough, it will be added to the list.

4. If you have a fanart of your idea for a new technique, make sure to follow No. 3 first before you do and don't forget to follow No 2 when posting large fanart.

5. Stay on topic


Maintainer and modorater: shinjojin